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Renewable energy due diligence in seconds, not months.

Real-time financial, environmental and social
due diligence data. Easy investor portal to find your next
opportunity in one user-friendly platform.

Real-time financial, environmental and social due-diligence data. Easy investor portal to find your next opportunity in one user-friendly platform.

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Build Asset

Quick and easy analytics on your renewable energy projects. With the use of artificial intelligence, complex algorithms measure the financial bankability and sustainability of your investments in over 80 countries, all in real time. Including access to reports.

Investor Portal

Discover de-risked solar projects around the world that are ready for investment. Get the technical, financial, environmental, social and due diligence documentation you need to validate the potential and find the projects that best suit you.

VesBox Daily

Get the latest renewable energy news from around the world with VesBox Daily. We deliver global news on renewable energy and market insights. With multi-language support, VesBox is the only truly global renewable energy news portal.

How VesBox helps you

Our renewable energy platform connects decision makers to a dynamic network of renewable energy projects, people, data and ideas. Our AI carries out renewable energy due diligence in seconds, saving months of manual analysis, allowing you to focus on finding the right projects for you.

Financial Services

Our renewable energy platform offers asset managers and financial planners multiple ways to calculate financial bankability on renewable energy assets. Our unique algorithm provides a wide range of investment options, sifting through opportunities to select the right option that satisfies the clients needs whilst limiting environmental, social, financial and climate change risks. Your clients can also gain access to our Investor Portal, allowing them to view a wide variety of bankable, de-risked renewable energy assets seeking investment.

Private Equity Investors

Analyse hundreds of different solar projects and opportunities from across the world within seconds, not weeks. Identify the short list of opportunities that best work for you, then drill down into the detail with all the financial, environmental and social responsibility metrics available at a touch of a button. Perform due diligence checks with a click of a mouse and find the best solar investment deals in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Consultants and Advisors

The VesBox platform has become the primary advisory tool for management consultants in the renewable energy industry. Our algorithm leveraged with artificial intelligence provides reliable energy information necessary for clients to work more swiftly and effectively with great confidence in results.


Interested in measuring your country’s renewable energy potential? Use the VesBox Platform to identify all possible risks associated within your country and get full access to our reports. Our data can provide mitigation strategies to enable you to attract more clean energy investments.

Academia and Research

Are you preparing for a career in renewable energy finance or academic research? The VesBox platform provides you with the insights into the global renewable market, technically, financially, environmentally and socially. Join some of the leading universities and incorporate the VesBox platform into your courses and syllabus.

Project Developers

Are you looking to fund your renewable energy project? The VesBox platform allows you to reach out to investors and decision makers from around the world to bring your project to life. Our unique algorithm simulates and de-risks your project and generates all the necessary technical, financial, environmental and societal documentation required by asset managers and investors. Join some of the leading renewable energy developers already signed on and let the VesBox platform find the right investment partners for you.

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