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VesBox is one of the world’s most trusted providers in renewable energy data, helping professionals in the financial service sector and other service industries monitor and analyse real-time renewable energy market data for them to make confident decisions and run better businesses. Our clients include financial services, management consultants, academia and manufacturers.

Our story

We started with a vision to make renewable energy the only way to power our planet. To make that happen, we realised we had to make renewable energy projects more accessible, more transparent and more investable. To identify the very best solar projects from around the world and bring decision makers, investors and project developers together from around the world. We know that investing in renewable energy is time-consuming, expensive and risky. We know it can take six months or more to carry out due diligence on an investment. We know the whole process of investment can take as long as eighteen months. So we have created a portal that allows investors to search for projects that suit them, and that carries out environmental, social and financial due diligence checks within seconds, based on the investors own criteria.

So what does that mean? It means investors can increase their prospective investment funnel, analysing hundreds of opportunities at once, zooming in on the projects that best suit them. It means less time and money spent on due diligence and higher quality decision making based on higher quality data. The results? More investment in solar projects in less time. And happier investors, consultants and project developers. We are passionate about what we do. It is why we have created this platform and why we care about its integrity. We are based in London and California. It gives us the best of both worlds – access to the financial heart of London and the technical innovations of Silicon Valley.

Trust Values

Vesbox and its employees adhere to its Trust Values and are determined to protect and preserve these values established and agreed by its shareholders. We are committed to upholding the collection and analysis of data that is independent and free from any external bias. Furthermore, we shall at no time work with special interest groups for the purpose of manipulating data nor shall we make any payments to any one interest group, or faction in return for VesBox to manipulate its data to suit their needs. We are committed and will remain committed to providing unbiased data, news and information to our clients to give them the right tools necessary to making better business decisions.


VesBox has positioned itself at the forefront of global renewable energy news, giving our readers an in-dept look into the renewable sector. VesBox news can be seen by our clients globally. For press inquiries, contact our media team at press@vesbox.com if you need to contribute to one of our many stories and have a breaking news story on renewables energy. 

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