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The company was founded by two Imperial College London Alumni who both recognised the need for a pre-feasibility tool that incorporates project finance with key environmental, social and governance risks to help speed up the due-diligence process and ultimately increase the growth rate of renewable energy on a global scale.
The wait-time for conducting due-diligence checks on renewable energy assets is too long and the costs are too high. This has ultimately resulted in the reduced growth rate of renewable energy on a global scale; especially for new emerging countries. The solution is the VesBox Platform. This pre-feasibility tool addresses all of these problems and incorporates key environmental, social and governance risks necessary to get a clearer outlook on the viability of a renewable energy asset.

VesBox is one of the world’s most trusted providers in renewable energy data. We help professionals in the financial service sector and other service industries through monitoring and analysing real-time renewable energy market data for them to make confident decisions and run better businesses. Our clients include financial services, management consultants, academia and manufacturers.
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Trust Values
Vesbox and its employees adhere to its Trust Values and are determined to protect and preserve these values established and agreed by its shareholders. We are committed to upholding the collection and analysis of data that is independent and free from any external bias. Furthermore, we shall at no time work with special interest groups for the purpose of manipulating data nor shall we make any payments to any one interest group, or faction in return for VesBox to manipulate its data to suit their needs. We are committed and will remain committed to providing unbiased data, news and information to our clients to give them the right tools necessary to making better business decisions.
VesBox has positioned itself at the forefront of global renewable energy news, giving our readers an in-depth look into the renewable sector. VesBox news can be seen by our clients globally. For press enquiries, contact our media team at press@vesbox.com.
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