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What is the history behind VesBox?

The concept behind VesBox started in 2014. The idea emerged from a 4-year doctorate research at Imperial College London where the underlying idea was created. After performing numerous case study analysis and multiple feedback loops, the concept was fully accepted in March 2018. The goal was to produce a practical solution for countries (especially developing countries) to improve their renewable energy growth. Thus, the methodology of combining renewable energy with digital technology was established as the foundation for creating what is now known as the VesBox Platform.


VesBox was founded by two Imperial College London Alumni who collectively have more than decade's worth of combined experienced in energy and technology. Dr Kofi Mbuk has an extensive experience in the energy sector and has been involved with several high caliber government projects funded by the UK government and other non-government organisations. Mr Abayomi Epega has a strong technical background and experience developing successful SaaS Applications. He was previously responsible for leading the design and development for SaaS PoC applications for several Fortune 500 companies. In addition he was a cohort member of Entrepreneur First (the world's leading talent investor) and helped build novel software products with leading engineers and entrepreneurs. He is also an alumnus of Stanford Graduate School of Business.


The VesBox concept has received several awards since its inception. We received the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) grant in 2018 for innovation and our founder was awarded an exceptional talent award both by Tech Nation and the UK Government in 2019.


VesBox has been invited by some of the leading universities in science and technology to present the platform to professors and leading researchers. These institutions include Imperial College London and University College London. We are also strategic partners of the Middle East and North Africa Financial Institutions Forum (MENAFIF), and collaborate with the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO), Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries (BIO) and Proparco.

How can I get started with the VesBox platform?

To get started with our platform, please click here.  You can also get started by visiting

Which renewable energy assets do you cater for?

Currently, the VesBox platform caters for solar energy. We will be adding a wind product and other innovative products in 2020.

Which areas do you cover? Why is my country not featured on the VesBox Platform?

We currently have 84 countries on the VesBox platform, and this is frequently updated. The VesBox Platform currently holds in excess of 7 Million+ unique data points covering cities, towns and rural areas. We aim to have all countries featured on the VesBox Platform. If you want a specific country to be featured on the VesBox Platform, kindly contact us or send us an email on

Do you have testimonials?

To find companies that currently use the VesBox platform to enhance their renewable energy development projects please see our homepage. We will be updating this with a testimonials page soon. Our current clients use our platform for various purposes, from measuring the risks associated with investments in different regions, to understanding the bankability and ESG impacts on their project, to comparing their project parameters between two unique locations.

Data and credibility

Could you give more information about the data? How reliable is it?

The VesBox Platform currently holds in excess of 7 Million+ unique data points that are constantly updated by our VesBox engine to ensure data integrity. Our case study analysis using our software tool delivers accurate readings when matched against real-world scenarios.

Where is your data sourced from?

Most of our data is proprietary and belongs to Vesbox Limited. This ensures that we never rely heavily on third-party data to run. However, some of our existing data sets are sourced from credible sources such as the United Nations, NASA and more.

What assumptions do you make?

Our assumptions are based on the industry standards. A full list of assumptions are available on the VesBox platform.

How does it work?

What is the cost structure for the VesBox platform?

We offer three packages for the VesBox platform, ranging from $250 to $650 per month. The rooftop & offgrid package provides access to 3 to 7 countries with a maximum project capacity of 100 kW; the custom package provides access to 3 to 7 countries with a maximum project capacity of 10 MW and the full package provides you access to all the countries on the VesBox Platform and no limitation on project capacity.

What experience do I need to use the platform?

To use our VesBox platform you do not need any technical, financial or sustainability knowledge. To use our Quick Analysis Tab on the VesBox platform, all you need to know is the project location, project size and project cost. Our automated engine retrieves the rest for you. If you decide to customise your project by inputting your own assumptions, this can be done using our Advance Analysis Tab on the VesBox Platform.  

Can I use your reports within my company? Are they compatible to the industry standard?

You are permitted to use reports within your company. This is however permitted under clause 14 of our Terms and Conditions.

Will I receive guidance on how to use the platform once I purchase it?

Of course! Once you have signed up for our platform, you will be able to access our VesBox Platform message service with our team to ensure you get guidance where and when you need it. In addition, if you need further help you can contact our Support Team and one of the members will be able to help you.

How is the platform able to reduce a lengthy process into a few seconds?

Our platform centralises the different aspects of the due-diligence process. Rather than outsourcing and decentralising tasks to get the information required which is long and tedious, the VesBox platform centralises this into a quick and user-friendly format.

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