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Build Asset

Quick and easy analytics on your renewable energy projects. With the use of artificial intelligence, complex algorithms measure the financial bankability and sustainability of your investments in over 80 countries, all in real time. Including access to reports.

Investor Portal

Discover de-risked solar projects around the world that are ready for investment. Get the technical, financial, environmental, social and due diligence documentation you need to validate the potential and find the projects that best suit you.

VesBox Daily

Get the latest renewable energy news from around the world with VesBox Daily. We deliver global news on renewable energy and market insights. With multi-language support, VesBox is the only truly global renewable energy news portal.

Why renewable energy is the future focus
for academia

The next 5 years will see a major transition in the way we consume energy. The current norm of energy consumption via fossil fuel means has slowly transited in a healthy mix of primarily clean energy sources such as renewable energy solar and wind. Read more

Price competitiveness of renewable energy

At its early inception in the 1990s, renewable technologies were considered an unnecessary luxury as they were much more expensive than conventional fuels. Read more

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